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Stop Leeking Shower

Stop Leeking Shower

Is your shower leaking? We specialise in fixing leaking showers and areas around the bathroom.

A majority of complaints from homeowners are that they are experiencing water damage to their home due to a leaking shower. The damage occurred can be damp walls and carpets, skirtings that have swelled and unsightly stains. As well as having the smell and rot associated with dampness, it’s a very big attraction to white ants that find it a perfect breeding ground.

If the shower is left to leak over a period of time it consequently causes extensive damage to structural timber, floorboards, walls, carpets and wiring, which could add up to thousands of dollars in repairs.

Our professional service can let you be assured that you’re provided with a long lasting, cost effective solution. All repairs are carried out by our highly trained technicians and backed with a Product Guarantee.

Quality is what sets us apart from the majority of today’s bathroom renovators. It is at the heart of every design and construction project we do. Whilst we produce beautiful bathrooms, the end result is always a very high quality that is built to last, giving our clients the best possible total value to their investment.

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